Case Study – The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida




Often, those who are truly noble in pursuing a humbling and enriching cause are the voices heard the least. That’s exactly why the Boys and Girls Clubs presented us (along with Great Big Circle) an opportunity to tell their story. The Boys and Girls Clubs has been impacting the lives of children nationwide since 1860. Since, they have provided young minds with encouraging and patient mentors to enrich their lives exponentially. Our story focuses on the clubs located in Central Florida that continue the positive influence they have shared for 75 years. For many of the children, due to circumstances existing beyond their control, there are not many options available for the care that the Boys and Girls Clubs provide at little to no cost for the families.




When the opportunity to tell a story as noble as the 75th anniversary of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida arises, we go all in. Being able to work with a local organization making such a difference created personal relationships within a massive community of awesome and caring individuals.




– With a strategic focus on raising awareness, Vadela and Great Big Circle were able to deliver with visual storytelling.
– With around 1.5 million people reached in the targeted audience of Central Florida, the Boys and Girls Club message was resoundingly heard.
– The video received over 250,000 highly targeted views from our video and social campaign.
– As a result, the clubs raised more than a million dollars at their gala.






The partnership with Great Big Circle and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida gave deserved exposure to the men and women who are diligent in preparing today’s youth for a better future. With the success of the video and event itself, the Boys and Girls Clubs gained much needed awareness. Commemorating 75 years of giving back to the community and to generations of children whose lives were improved is a story that needed telling. We were glad to do our part and are overjoyed at the exceeded expectations.