Don’t Miss This: The Future of Marketing & Video

We write and talk often about how video is the future of marketing. And it is. You can take our word for it.

But what is the future of video in marketing?

In many ways, video is the present of marketing, and that is only going to accelerate.

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But where does it go from here? The opportunities are endless. Video will travel wherever creatives and humans take it.

It’s easy to limit our views on video to digital marketing for businesses. But video has taken on an increasingly important role in every phase of branding. Think outside the traditional marketing box. Video has been vital to the success of socio-cultural movements around the globe, and it will become an even more instrumental tool in spreading thoughts and ideas.

Let’s use that power for good. You know, I believe Peter Parker once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Well, video has been given great power in the digital marketing world. So, let’s learn about that power and use it responsibly.

Let’s talk about the future of marketing and video. Don’t miss it.

Video takes up more than eighty percent of all web traffic. Mull that over. The future is now with video.

But what can video truly do?

Start with the basic consumer level of marketing. Consider that 64 percent of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about said product. Consider the 90 percent of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions. This, all, according to Forbes. These numbers have grown since they were first reported, and they will continue to grow as video becomes an even more central aspect of businesses’ marketing schemes.

Let’s talk about more than marketing at the customer and business level, though. Let’s consider the true scope of video in today’s piping hot sociopolitical and cultural climate. Video has the power to move people. It has the power to influence and draw emotions, inspire action. There has perhaps never been a media that has been so effective and easily promoted as video today.

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This gives video the power.

Now comes the responsibility.

Video, through YouTube, utilized its newfound power in ways that have shaped our society and culture at its core. Anti-bullying, suicide prevention, and LGBT civil rights have all utilized video in their respective fights for social progress. Video is an essential component of viral and powerful social movements such as the Iranian pro-democracy movement and Hong Kong protests. In Hong Kong, video has allowed the world to see the seriousness and brutality involved in pro-democracy protests. And, get this: these are just a few examples of fairly recent movements that video has played a vital role in.

The future of marketing and video is now, and it doesn’t stop at marketing. Once we realize the power of video, the future is up for grabs –creativity and positive social movements will rule the world of video if we maintain an environment for them to prosper.


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