December 16 & 17

Vadela recently produced one of our biggest shoots yet at Encore Resort in Reunion, Florida. Four families and a fifteen-person crew full of cinematographers, production assistants, editors, and makeup artists flooded the resort to create a fresh and inviting look for Encore.
We want to share some snippets of behind-the-scenes footage from our two production days so we can try to convey what it looks like to be a team of friends, creatives, and artists who are applying their crafts, talents, and skills directly in the real-world; everywhere from festivals and breweries to resorts and international travel agencies.
Nothing of this size can be created without a cohesive, unified team behind-the-scenes, applying skills each has worked on and sharpened for years. Once you have a team, or a ‘Crew’ as we like to call it (check out the tees), you’re able to do things like, say, advertise and showcase five-star resorts that are basically in your backyard.
Much like the way we helped Encore show others that their resorts are for everyone, so is our crew –we are for any artist, from any walk of life –for kindred spirits with an untamable desire to make something beautiful to take pride in, day in and day out. We are a collective of friends and creatives, contributing from all over the world.
That’s why we feel this is about so much more than video and marketing. Those two practices tell stories, and that is our core mission –video and marketing are just how we tell stories to the world, how apply our crafts to tell the stories of others.
First, we are storytellers. Then, we take the form of cinematographers, directors, animators, social experts, writers, advertisers, and artists. That’s something we think anyone can identify with. We all have a story to tell.
Stories lie dormant until they are shared with the world. Sure, we all came together to shoot a few videos at Encore Resort, but doesn’t that all gain meaning and significance when the process is shared and can be seen? When you can see the creative gears moving, turning, and churning like an engine behind-the-scenes?
First, craft the story. Then tell it.
Give our work over at Encore in Reunion, Florida, a look.
That’s a wrap.