The story of Vadela and Jared Blank began in April of 2012, when Jared was Director of Football Operations at USC. At the top of his career, Jared felt like he needed to focus his attention elsewhere by telling the story of his battle with dyslexia by running the World Marathon Challenge.

Jared has always had success in life, whether it was through career, educational, or personal achievements. Being a poster child for the International Dyslexia Association and becoming famously synonymous with achieving success despite the obstacle of dyslexia is new, though.

All along, Jared realized the impact that visual storytelling could have on his mission. Now, in 2019, Jared has not only reached the pinnacle of his profession, completed two master’s degrees, and run the World Marathon challenge –he has also broadcasted his story worldwide through video.

Inmotional | World Marathon Challenge 2018 Recap from MigZilla on Vimeo.


Jared’s ultimate goal with Vadela’s storytelling capabilities was this: to raise awareness for dyslexia research and inspire those directly impacted by the disease to display what is truly possible.

Throughout production, Vadela’s role with Jared snowballed. With Jared, Vadela created a hit crowdfunding video, a showcase of his completion of the World Marathon Challenge, a sponsored partnership video with Tabio,  an asset bank of 10+ videos for campaign and promotional use, and now, internal, creative, and cover design for his new book.

Inmotional | What Is Inmotional? from MigZilla on Vimeo.

The Vadela relationship with Jared grew professionally and personally, simultaneously. Vadela spent a month being immersed in Jared’s life, began consulting for his brand, and begun to accrue speaking engagements for Jared all over the world, all while adding elements of visual storytelling to his life.


  • Vadela grew Jared’s Instagram following by 2,000 and maintained a steady following on Facebook.
  • Crowdfunded over $50,000 for the International Dyslexia Association through social.
  • Continuously providing consulting services for all things Jared Blank and his efforts for the International Dyslexia Association.
  • Set goal with Jared and the IDA to raise an additional $70,000 for the International Dyslexia Association’s 70th anniversary.



Jared has helped Vadela learn the value of having a strong personal connection with a cause, person, or brand in order to best execute the telling of their story. With Jared, Vadela has constantly evolved – sticking with him as his needs have risen, progressed, and changed form. Through Jared, Vadela has begun creating with the International Dyslexia Association directly, starting at their international conference in Portland. From Jared, Vadela learned the value of perseverance. Jared Blank memorized a script in one hour so that his dyslexia wouldn’t hinder the reading. Jared Blank, someone who as battled dyslexia his entire life, wrote an entire book by himself, which he said was the “hardest thing he had ever done in his life.” That’s coming from someone who has ran a marathon on every continent, and more than one Ultra Marathon.

The San Francisco Marathon 2017 – Jared Blank Recap from MigZilla on Vimeo.

All of the proceeds from Jared’s book, Running the Distance, are going directly to the International Dyslexia Association. Vadela has designed the cover and illustrations for the book. A few years ago, Jared Blank had never worked alongside the International Dyslexia Association. Just last week, he ran a marathon on a treadmill in the middle of the Oregon Convention Center to raise money and awareness for children around the world with dyslexia. His new goal? To raise $70,000 for the International Dyslexia Association’s 70th birthday. Now, tell us –who wouldn’t want to tell that story?