3 Effective Ways to be Comfortable on Video

Ever forget the lines that you had rehearsed for months in your 5th grade play? Do you feel your blood pressure rise every time one of your friends tries to take a Snapchat video with you in it? Do you hate seeing yourself on video, and despise being filmed?

Well, this is for you. Don’t get too excited, though. If those things listed above are, in fact, true, then we have quite a bit of work to do.

1. Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion and all cleaned up.



It may sound like common sense, but make sure there’s nothing about your physical appearance to be self-conscious about. Be confident and poised. Wear clothing that you feel self-assured in, tidy up your appearance, and get ready for the bright lights, camera, and action.

Also, make sure you know what type of video you will be appearing on. What is the goal of the video, and who is the audience? What brand are you representing? You should already know the answers to these questions anyway, but knowing should tell you what you should wear or not wear.

Finally, organize your “studio.” Make sure everything looks the way you want it to. Appearance is key to confidence on camera, and that includes the space you will be filming. If you’re making a serious video that hundreds or even thousands of people might see, it might not be the best move to have clothes sitting around on the ground. Now, if you’re filming a YouTube video about cleaning up your room, that may be a better idea.

2. Don’t over-rehearse. But know what you need/want to say.



If you have a script, read over it and memorize it. But don’t set yourself on saying the words exactly the same – you want to foster a human-to-human connection, whatever kind of video you are trying to produce, and that means eye contact and wording that is more like a conversation than an essay.

You may even want to take a script and convert it into notes, with key words and bullet points. This depends on the type of video – if the video is quite formal and serious, try to stick to the script. If it is more informal, laid-back, and creative, then take notes and let yourself conversate through the video. You’ll form a connection with the audience that way. The video will be much easier to watch, and you’ll be far less uptight and nervous. Trust me.

3. Laugh at mistakes, or just push through.



Again, it depends on the type of video you’re filming, but most of the time, in fact all of the time, you’ll be able to correct a mistake by filming another take or editing it out. Don’t let fear of failure make you tense up on camera.

Mistakes can even spice up the video a bit. Play off of the moment that you trip up on a few words, laugh and move on. Often, these moments can be used later on to put together an entire video, like this Vadela Unravel episode. Knowing beforehand that if you make a mistake, it can be re-done, used anyway, or used later can make you ultra-comfortable in front of the camera.

Take these three tips and you’ll be magnetic in front of the camera. You’ll be ready for stardom, whether on Snapchat or your brand’s creative video content.