How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Funnel: Tips from Vadela’s Marketing Expert

Have you (and your brand) ever wondered what it takes to turn an encounter into a hire or sale? At Vadela, we thrive off of that. Creating a successful content marketing funnel truly makes or breaks a brand. We’re lucky because our resident expert in creating marketing funnels that grab attention and lead the customer on a pleasant journey is an old friend and who loves what he does. We asked Kris Kurdziolek, Vadela’s Demand Generation and Distribution Specialist, to explain to readers how to create a successful content marketing funnel.

A content marketing funnel can be broken into three stages. Each stage requires a deep  understanding of your customer and attention on a personal level. By understanding the customer you can provide a consistent, pleasant journey that ends well for both parties.

1. Know your customer.

Kris says he focuses on this when designing marketing tactics for Vadela: “Know your customer. Know what they respond to. Know what will drive them to the next part of the funnel. Help them understand what video can do for them.” Knowing your brand, who your audience and market are, and helping them understand what your product (in our case video) can do to provide them benefit helps them to the next part of the journey.

2. Gain Empathy.

“Understand what they go through in their mind. Understand what the customer journey looks like. Are they aware of who you are and what you do? Know that they have a problem and know that you can solve it.” This is when Kris notes that we need to put ourselves in the shoes of the customers, understand their problem, and how our collective can solve it. This is the middle stage, and the relationship between you and the customer has to be nurtured here. The journey needs to have trust and rapport added at this point.

3. Know you have the right tools and convert.

Kris sums the final stage up as this: “We have to know that we have the right tools and feel confident in Vadela’s ability to help.” This is when a prospective customer turns into a human or brand we create with. This is when the journey truly begins.

As a brand, you must be able to attract content to specific parts of the funnel. Each piece of content you produce has to be tied to a pre-determined stage, with an end goal. Having this in mind will help your content flow creatively, succinctly, and begin journey after journey.


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