At Vadela, we tell stories visually and creatively. Through video, strategy, graphic design, and social media, we have helped anyone from individuals to corporations, and regional non-profits to national organizations, tell the story of their brand. And for years, we have worked to display our passion for visual storytelling at a tangible location–while creating, maturing, and evolving ourselves. Now, we bring you our story. We are elated to unveil Vadela’s first website.

Vadela at its core is a collective of creatives. When Miguel and Ishaan, the ground-floor founders of Vadela, came together, it was out of a passion for telling people’s stories. Now, as Vadela has expanded to a growing cooperative of designers, strategists, cinematographers, photographers, developers and writers, we needed somewhere to display our work and drive to create with people. That’s why our site greets you with three words: “Let’s Create Together.”




By following the first tab in the right corner, you can find out ‘About’ who we are. Vadela couldn’t exist without each of our creatives possessing a specific, unique skill–but it most definitely couldn’t function without us all having a passion for visual storytelling. Below the first three words on our home page, you can see our storytelling at work, by following “View our Reel.” This will take you directly to Vadela’s own highlight reel–videos we have crafted to the needs of everyone from the NFLand NBA, to an intercontinental marathon runner raising awareness for the International Dyslexia Association, to a small-town brewery or the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida. Our stories can be explored by category–Commercial, Corporate,  Non-profit, and Branded – if you follow the ‘Work’ tab.

We want this site to not just showcase Vadela but to be an educational platform for visual storytelling.

Scrolling further down the home page, you’ll see our three foundational features: Strategy + Consulting, Brand Storytelling, and Content Distribution. We know as well as anyone that a brand’s evolution comes with strategy, critique, and education –and quality storytelling is useless if it doesn’t reach the right audience with nuance. We stay with you from start to finish, because a good story needs both an introduction and conclusion.

Just below, check out ‘Our Experience’. One of the many characteristics of Vadela that makes us unique is that who we create with is truly limitless. We don’t go against, we work with. We don’t compete, we create. We want to tell your story authentically with no bounds. And if you want to create with us, at the bottom of the page is a direct line to our team of creatives. Or, chat with Mitzy. Both love good conversation.

We want this site to not just showcase Vadela but to be an educational platform for visual storytelling. So visit our ‘Blog’, titled “Unravel,” in the upper-right corner of the home page and check out some videos we’ve made. Then get to know us, get to know your story, and Let’s Create Together.